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How embarrassing that I have yet to write about this! In July I had the opportunity to attend one of Mint & Lovely’s amazing workshops: Flourish. The calligraphy workshop hosted at Swig and taught by Angela of Saffron Avenue.

I had become mildly obsessed with Mint & Lovely as well as Saffron Avenue after I began working in the events department at Hospitality Democracy. Haley and Emilee (owners of Mint & Lovely) are wildly talented at designing beautiful invitations and station for weddings and hosting workshops. I had been dreaming of attending one of their workshops and when I realized Flourish was a calligraphy workshop taught by Angela I knew I needed to attend.

Not only did I get all the supplies needed to start my blooming calligraphy career (just kidding!), small-group instructions, and a delicious cocktail – it was a fun day spent with other people who enjoy having a creative outlet! I’ve continued to practice and while I’m certainly not great, I love doing it.


Brush Lettering

A big trend on Pinterest and Instagram right now is brush lettering. Instagram is full of amazing artists posting videos of their work (they make it look SO easy). Naturally I thought I could handle it no problem. I watched some videos, downloaded practice pages and purchased an assortment of Tombow pens.

Initially I was frustrated – I have really neat handwriting, so I couldn’t understand why brush-lettering wasn’t turning out perfectly. I soon realized there are a few important pieces – how I was holding the pen, the strokes and most importantly practice. For several days straight I would do nothing but practice up and down strokes. Then, I started practicing individual letters and finally connecting letters to create words.

IMG_5089                    IMG_5268

My work is still FAR from perfect, and I won’t be using it for clients anytime soon, but it’s definitely fun to challenge myself to think creatively with lettering. I love browsing and getting inspired to create new works of art.

Practice makes perfect…
Getting creative with my lettering


A Career in Creativity

For as long as I can remember I have loved creating. When I was younger I took sewing lessons, scrapbook and card-making classes, candle making, and loved any opportunity I was given to be creative on school projects. For whatever reason there was a disconnect between that joy of creating and what I thought my career should be; I didn’t think there was a way to incorporate my creativity in a legitimate career.

I majored in History and Secondary Education in college and absolutely loved creating lessons plans, projects, and an environment that was welcoming for my students. I did not love the politics, the stress and the fact that (in my mind) nothing was ever good enough. While I was definitely able to use my creativity, I was not happy.

Fast forward to Spring 2016 and I was provided the opportunity to work as an assistant planner for Hospitality Democracy in Milwaukee. In a sort of serendipitous moment I realized event planning was the perfect way to utilize my creativity in a productive way that made me happy. After a few months of working as an assistant it was evident the department was growing and there was room for me to come on full-time (yay!).

These past few months have been a whirlwind of learning everything about a new company, career, and clients – but it is amazing! I am challenged to think creatively, problem solve, learn, and grow as a professional. Every. Single. Day.



One of my first events at Onesto in Milwaukee’s Historic Third Ward

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