A big trend on Pinterest and Instagram right now is brush lettering. Instagram is full of amazing artists posting videos of their work (they make it look SO easy). Naturally I thought I could handle it no problem. I watched some videos, downloaded practice pages and purchased an assortment of Tombow pens.

Initially I was frustrated – I have really neat handwriting, so I couldn’t understand why brush-lettering wasn’t turning out perfectly. I soon realized there are a few important pieces – how I was holding the pen, the strokes and most importantly practice. For several days straight I would do nothing but practice up and down strokes. Then, I started practicing individual letters and finally connecting letters to create words.

IMG_5089                    IMG_5268

My work is still FAR from perfect, and I won’t be using it for clients anytime soon, but it’s definitely fun to challenge myself to think creatively with lettering. I love browsing and getting inspired to create new works of art.

Practice makes perfect…
Getting creative with my lettering