How embarrassing that I have yet to write about this! In July I had the opportunity to attend one of Mint & Lovely’s amazing workshops: Flourish. The calligraphy workshop hosted at Swig and taught by Angela of Saffron Avenue.

I had become mildly obsessed with Mint & Lovely as well as Saffron Avenue after I began working in the events department at Hospitality Democracy. Haley and Emilee (owners of Mint & Lovely) are wildly talented at designing beautiful invitations and station for weddings and hosting workshops. I had been dreaming of attending one of their workshops and when I realized Flourish was a calligraphy workshop taught by Angela I knew I needed to attend.

Not only did I get all the supplies needed to start my blooming calligraphy career (just kidding!), small-group instructions, and a delicious cocktail – it was a fun day spent with other people who enjoy having a creative outlet! I’ve continued to practice and while I’m certainly not great, I love doing it.